Our Educational Concept

Study, create, inspire

Along with some of the other top schools, Charterhouse teaches students far beyond the knowledge curriculum, to equip students with the broad range of skills and qualities they will need to succeed in the future – to be ‘future ready’.

Such skills are essential because the world no longer rewards people for the information they have learned in school and the knowledge they have built up – that can all be found instantly on the internet. Instead, success today is found through what you can do with that knowledge – in how creative you are, in how well you can link up knowledge in collaboration with others. Knowledge also needs to be applied in new contexts with uncertain outcomes, because jobs with certain outcomes, with repeatable processes, are automated and handed over to computers. Instead, humans will thrive by developing the skills computers don’t have: leadership, kindness, creativity, collaboration and communication – in a globalised and international world, working across different cultures and nations.

Knowledge is still a fundamental requirement. Students with excellent subject knowledge achieve top exam results and gain access to the best universities in the world, and depth of knowledge is the foundation from which creative and inspiring work can emerge.  Yet, for students to create deep understanding, to solve problems and to apply their knowledge to achieve insight in new contexts, they need to learn a broad range of thinking and learning skills and have the opportunity through project-based learning to put them into practice.

Therefore, students at Charterhouse College learn:

  1. Knowledge of subjects across a broad and balanced curriculum – so students can achieve outstanding exam results, gain access to the best universities, lead a healthy, ethical and meaningful life, and manage their daily affairs.
  2. Skills to apply their knowledge and understanding to new contexts, and to manage relationships and uncertainty. These are skills of communication, collaboration and creativity.
  3. Fluency in English as well as Mandarin, along with an appreciation of Chinese culture and an international outlook.
  4. Character and Values to deal with change, lead others, participate positively in society, and make a meaningful difference. This will require courage, resilience and integrity.
  5. Thinking and Learning Skills to deal effectively with people, situations and their own minds. Metacognition, systems thinking, design thinking, digital literacy, project management, change management, risk management, decision-making, innovation and creativity skills are therefore taught at Charterhouse to supplement the traditional ways of knowing common to school subjects like logic, the scientific method, dialectics and evidence-based reasoning.

These five areas of learning underpin our learning and teaching, and our curriculum, and ensure our ‘future-ready’ students can study, create and inspire.