Our Vision, Mission & Core Values

Future Ready - Education for A New Reality

Charterhouse students and teachers study, create and inspire, to develop their capacities to build better lives for themselves and others. The school’s educational philosophy is holistic and active, where students participate in shared learning experiences in supportive and humane communities. Our success can be seen by the growth of our students into self-confident young adults who are willing and able to be authors of their own identities, comfortable with difference, and secure in navigating their own lives.

Our special focus on teaching a diverse range of thinking skills develops in our students a proven ability to think in different ways, which will give them a significant advantage in the world of work over students from other schools. Our independent learning projects not only develop students’ independent research and project management skills, but also foster a spirit of giving and of service to the community. The future success of our students will be equally rooted in the character and values they develop at Charterhouse: responsibility, open-mindedness, perseverance, moral courage and kindness.