Academic Progress and Enrichment

Carefully designed for the strongest progress

Our education programme is carefully designed so that all students are always making the strongest progress that they can.  This is achieved both by our monitoring and support procedures, and by our Curriculum Enrichment programmes.

Monitoring and Support

Each student is assigned a personal tutor who monitors the student’s progress through assessments in all subjects which are carried out every half term.  Where a student needs further support in any subject, the tutor works out a programme with the student, liaising with subject teachers as required.  The tutor then tracks the student’s progress through the support programme, adding to or adjusting the support programme if necessary until it has the desired effect.

Curriculum Enrichment

All curriculum subjects offer an extensive enrichment programme throughout the year, typically comprising school clubs, competitions, cross-curricular links, special calendared events, lectures, trips, and other activities designed to advance student understanding.  Specific details about these activities and events can be found in the Curriculum Guides and in the college calendar.