Co-curricular Activities

Exploring the real passion of pupils

At Charterhouse College, we offer a comprehensive co-curricular experience that provides students with rich opportunities for personal development, social interactions, creativity as well as immersive learning experiences. We aim to build a culture of learning where everyone is engaged and connected.

The College Co-Curricular Programme offers learning opportunities in three forms:

  • School Events
  • Learning Trips
  • College Teams & Clubs

School Events

Charterhouse College builds into the school calendar rich and diverse school events for community participation. These events could be opportunities for students to connect to the wider local community and learn from multiple perspectives. These would also be where students showcase their talents and learning outcomes, which contribute to the fostering of a positive and exciting learning community.

The school events would typically include:

  • Guest Speaker Lectures & Talks
  • Debate / Speech Contest
  • Learning Exhibitions (Clubs etc.)
  • Talent Show
  • Art Festival
  • Science Fair
  • Cultural Festivals
  • Chinese Traditional Culture: Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn, Dragonboat Festival
  • International Culture: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day…

Learning Trips

At Charterhouse College we see learning happening in and beyond classrooms. Off-campus learning experience could enhance students’ understanding and sometimes offer opportunities for students to apply their learning skills in different settings.

There could be a day-long trip to a company, a museum, an eco-park or an urban village, led by one or more subjects to explore authentic inquiry questions and/or find cross-curricular connections.

There will also be a Service Learning Project Week (Domestic or Abroad). Students will work in partnership with a local community to explore the local culture, engage with our Design Thinking Model – “Wonder, Explore, Apply, Value, Exhibit” (WEAVE) to identify opportunities for meaningful interactions and value creation.

College Teams & Clubs

College Teams are selective teams representing Charterhouse College on Academics, Sports, Music, Arts, Business, Design & Technology etc. with the highest calibre to be competitive nationwide orinternationally.

Clubs are student-led interest groups with a supervising teacher to explore a wider range of learnings beyond course subjects. In clubs students are encouraged and empowered to design their own learning experiences together. Students will be advised by their tutors to pursue a balanced co-curricular experience, suited to each individual’s needs, so that they can make the best of such opportunities to develop their “Future Ready” skills.

Besides this, there will be opportunities for students to attend Academic Clinics or Learning Support if needed in one or more subjects.

The categories of clubs are as follows:


Example Clubs

Visual Art & Design:

Visual Design, Fashion Design

Movie-making, Photography

Calligraphy, Manga,


Music & Performance:

Drama, Choir, Acappella, Band,

Orchestra, Drumline,

Street Dance, K-Pop,

Music Production

Sport & Health:

Football, Basketball,

Ultimate Frisbee, Rugby,

Badminton, Pingpong, Tennis,

Swimming, Rock-climbing,

Archery, Chess

Yoga, Fitness, Kung-Fu,

Board Games, E-sport,

Nutrition & Health

Example Clubs

Language & Literature:

Debate, Public Speaking

Poetry, Story-writers,

Reading Group,

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Detective,

French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean…

Science & Technology:

Maker (Robotics, Programming), Science Study, Math

App Design, Astronomy

Humanities & Society:

World Scholar’s Cup,

Global Issue Network,

Business & Young Entrepreneur,

Model United Nations,

Social Innovation,


Global Citizenship,


Environmental Action,

Community Service