Community Connection: Independent Learning Projects

An essential element of our Independent Learning Projects

At Charterhouse College, Shenzhen,, through our Independent Learning Projects, students are given opportunities to use and develop their learning by working with and helping local communities. Through these projects, students come to understand real social entities – how they were developed, how they operate, and what impact they create.

Every student is expected to explore how they can apply their skills and knowledge to create value for others, whether it’s by contributing to the development of our school community, or by serving a local NGO for a social or environmental cause.

We believe that by explicitly encouraging the connection between learning and community life, it will be evident to students that learning matters, both for their personal growth and for the improvement of the society. Taking part in such projects adds to students’ motivation for life-long learning, develops their sense of belonging to their community, and improves their sense of self-esteem as they learn how to make a positive difference to society.

Projects might include, for example:

  • Using technology to construct innovative business ideas that help different communities.
  • Working with a grassroots NGO to help the children of migrant workers learn to read.
  • Working with the Nature Conservancy, understanding how to make the mangrove forests sustainable.