Independent Learning Projects

Discovering the potential of each unique individual

In Charterhouse Shenzhen, while the common curriculum provides students with a shared cultural foundation, the unique potential of each individual is also valued.

Independent Learning Projects is a featuring programme of Charterhouse Asia that offers opportunities for students to develop individual expertise in a certain area, through which they will learn how to learn in depth. This will help students develop more awareness of learning and deeper understanding of the nature of knowledge, so that their learning skills would grow as they gain more expertise, and become more transferrable to other areas of learning.

With Independent Learning Projects we aim to capture the pleasure of learning and the stimulation of imagination. This requires the school to provide quality time within the curriculum for students to develop their own enthusiasms. Students will be engaged in a process to identify their area of expertise, and follow the Project-Based Learning (PBL) approach to develop their projects.

Service Learning will be an integral element of students’ learning projects, because the world is calling for innovators who understand others’ needs, dare to imagine and take actions. Aligned with the Charterhouse Mission, we also hold the high expectation that students’ projects are not only important to themselves, but also valuable to others. The exact form of value creation could vary in line with age. The idea is that learning is not a disconnected activity, and there is always a way to make learning relevant to life.