The protection and safety of every child, teacher and visitor remain paramount

We take very seriously our responsibility to look after all the students in our care.  We have a specialised pastoral team dedicated to the care of each student, and all our teachers, our medical staff and counsellors are trained every year in the most up-to-date child protection and safeguarding procedures.

Keeping students safe is a primary duty in every school. Our site is secure, and maintained by a security team.  In the event of any external threat, such as an epidemic, we have full, clearly defined procedures in place to protect students.  This includes keeping in stock and using the appropriate cleaning and protection materials to ensure the school is kept free from sources of infection. We would only allow students to attend school if it was safe to do so, and we would at all times ensure compliance with all regulations. Where students were required to be at home, we would have in place a full programme of online learning to ensure the continuity of their education.