Selecting the Right School

Choose the school where your child will thrive the most

It is important that you select the right school for your child.  You want to choose the school where your child will thrive the most, and we want to accept students who will thrive the most.

Charterhouse College is therefore necessarily a selective school.

As responsible educators, we want students who have the attitudes, abilities, and level of English fluency to be able to thrive in the demanding, academic and holistic, English-medium education we offer.

Students who will thrive at Charterhouse will:

  • Have high levels of fluency and literacy in English so that they can access the learning in lessons, which are taught in English.
  • Have high levels of academic ability and intellectual curiosity. We have highly-qualified and experienced teachers who not only deliver the most challenging courses in the classroom but provide extensive opportunities for learning outside of the classroom.  Getting the most out of Charterhouse will not only mean excelling in the classroom, but also making the most of the deep learning programmes, academic societies, clubs, seminars, tutorials, lectures and other events that we put on as part of our super-curriculum to prepare students for entry to the best universities in the world.
  • Have individual interests and passions. We offer an inspiring, creative curriculum which includes art, music, drama, design technology, graphic design, robotics, programming, entrepreneurship, and a full range of sports, extracurricular activities and societies.  To develop their abilities to the full, students are expected to participate across the full range of what the school has to offer.
  • Be responsible and kind. We are also an inclusive, caring and socially responsible school. We expect students to share our concern for others and the spirit of giving, and involve themselves in some of our community projects.